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Kalymnos has recently been acclaimed as one of the major centers of Rock Climbing in the world . The fine quality of rock, the easy and quick access to the climbing sectors, the clear signposting which leads you to them, along with the warm hospitality of the local people and the mild climate all year round are some of the facts that have established Kalymnos as one of the most important climbing destinations in the world.
Kalymnos is a paradise for the climbers!
The island of sponge divers, artists, poets and knowledge...is Kalymnos. Fascinated by her wild beauty, her visitors come and come again every year. Kalymnos is the island that its known for its beautiful clean beaches, its traditional products, the kindness and hospitality from the local people.
Our apartments are near to the most of the climbing sectors of Kalymnos.
Tradition in Kalymnos
greek women
A part of our tradition is the kalymnian house.

During the summer months demonstrations of the departure of the sponge boats, of the Kalymnian marriage and other traditional events are held by local groups and folk dances in public, as is the Lyceum of the Greek Women of Kalymnos.



On Easter, the lamp is slaughtered and the Mouri prepared which is then sealed into village ovens to be cooked until the next day. Unique Kalymnian tradition is the throwing of dynamites! On Easter Sunday the ovens are opened and the meal is eaten with all the usual specialities such as dolmades etc.
Traditional Dance
Kalymnian marriage
Sponge Diver
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